Spiritual Care

What is Spiritual Care?

Spiritual care is part of a multidiscipline approach to care for the whole person. Spirituality is the working out or expression of the inner person through formal and informal practices. As individuals share their story, it helps to make sense of their lives, make connections that nurture relationships, and explore hope for today and for the afterlife.

We are all spiritual people regardless of our background, denomination, or choice not to be part of a formal faith community. “Spirituality is an essential aspect of our humanity, possessed by every person, giving them both the capacity for connectedness and the desire for connection with oneself, one’s environment, others and the Transcendent”. (Larry Hirst – The Spirit of Caring: A Volunteer Education Resource).

Spirituality is a deeply personal search longing for answers to questions of “who am I; where do I come from; where am I going and why?”. Spiritual care is about coming alongside people in ways that recognize and respect their spirituality through confidential empathetic listening, ministry of presence and silence, and safe space to address hard faith questions.

Spiritual care and support is offered to all residents, while at the same time, residents’ own pastors, priests, or rabbis are always welcome to visit. John Swinton, Scottish Theologian defines spirituality as: Meaning, purpose, self-transcending knowledge, significant relationships, love and commitment, as well as a sense of God amongst us.

Spiritual Care Services Offered at the PCH:
  • Sunday morning services provided by Niverville Community Churches (on hold not during Covid-19).
  • Communion Services, Christmas and Easter Services.
  • Scripture, prayer, and hymn singing.
  • Weekly Catholic Mass Services in Person (when possible) and via streaming.
  • Weekly chapel services in all neighborhoods
  • Spiritual care visits by Heritage Centre Chaplain
  • End-of-life care provides the opportunity to reflect on life experiences, process forgiveness, and receive reassuring scripture and prayer.
  • Grief Support through neighborhood memorial services in honor and memory of residents.
Spiritual Care Services offered at the Manor:
  • Weekly Bible Study with Spiritual Care Volunteer
  • Spiritual care visits by Heritage Centre Chaplain
Grief Support

It hurts to lose someone. Find help at Grief Share. https://www.griefshare.org/
GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.

Bereavement Services

Death is a natural part of life and finding one’s way through grief is to discover that there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Your experience of grief will be unique. Grieving is normal, but it can be difficult, and support after a loved one’s death can be helpful.
Telephone Bereavement Program and Grief Seminars
Sign up for monthly bereavement e-mail.

For ongoing support, please contact Chaplain for information regarding Journeying through Grief, a set of four short books for four crucial times during the first year after the loss of a loved one.

Book 1: A Time to Grieve
Book 2: Experiencing Grief
Book 3: Finding Hope and Healing
Book 4: Rebuilding and Remembering

Paul McCowan at 204-388-5000 ext. 743 or chaplain@hlpch.ca